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Hey, now I have a blog too! Yes, yes, I am falling for that too... :-) Visit it, it will be updated more frequently than this site... It will be mostly in French, but I will see how to make bilingual posts.

Some pages are available in French only... Sorry for any inconvenience. On every page, I added a link to see the corresponding page in the other language, if any.

This is such a commonplace to state this site is a work in progress: any living site is necessarily in construction (new pages, rewriting of old pages, etc.). I just wanted to mention that some sections are still to come. I mark their place here to show I want to work on these subjects, but everything is still to do.

This page is quite polished and XHTML conformant. This is not the case for the remainder of the site, with simplist and oldish design from my beginnings as webmaster...
I am working on a redesign of this site using templates, this should improve navigation, and perhaps pleasure of reading. Thanks for your understanding.
Breaking news (2005/05/24): I started to relook the site in interim version, without template, without much changes, but a bit of CSS spices up much the look... I did a page to describe this process, not finished to date (it is more work than I thought and I renamed pages for more consistency, thus I must change all internal links).


Software in which I have some interest. Currently only for Windows, although some of them are portable.

My Programs

Some small freewares that I wrote and give away, most of the time with their C/C++ source.

Scintilla & SciTE

I help developping Scintilla and SciTE, respectively a source code editing component and an editor built around this component. I am very active on their mailing lists.


I compile Lua for Windows and I write small programs in this excellent script language. I am quite active on its mailing list.


I am starting (05/2004) to learn PHP, so I put here a page about this language, with my programs and perhaps some live scripts.


I followed (in 2005) a training on Java/J2EE/UML. Currently only in French.


Since some years now, I am playing with Processing, a Java dialect designed for beginners and used to make creative graphical programs.


I just started (October 2013) to learn Dart, and I have made slides presenting it, aimed at Java programmers.


I will put here soon one day a presentation of the best (for me) freewares available on the Web.


Personal Zone

Some information on me, myself and mine...


Like everybody else, I put my resume on line... Currently, I no longer search a job, since I have found one at MyCom, but I leave it there for the curious ones...
You can download French versions on my French page, or get here the English version in short form.

Light PDF (22.3KB)
Faithful PDF (85.2KB)
Word 6 (16.0KB)

Who I Am?

Some informations on me! (To be added...)

Amazon Wish List

Everybody has one, so I made my own Amazon Wish List, in case some generous soul is willing to thank me (for my open source work, for example) or encourage me to improve my skills (I have there lot of programming books...).
Since it costs nothing, I also see this as an experiment, so see if some rich and generous guy (or gal) is looking at my site...
I find this nicer and less impersonnal than a PayPal account, but it is harder to make small donation: computer books are expensive!

Programming, Tips and Hints

Some advice and programming tips, and some tips and hints for Windows.


Some programming tricks and program samples (in C, C++ and VB, for 32-bit Windows).

Regular Expressions

I wrote a tutorial on regular expressions. It is supposed to be nice and easy for beginners, I expect feedback to improve it. It won't cover advanced RegExp features, as those mastering the concepts in my tutorial will be able to read the full RegEx manuals...


I made a page were I explain the technics used in this site, and I give some cheat sheets on basic HTML (and CSS), forms and French entities.

Hints and Tricks

Various tricks for Windows and the supported programs.

Currently, just a page about Windows' file associations.


My Artwork

Drawings, on paper (pencil, ink or ball pen) or image creations, on computer (vector graphics, 3D).

On paper

A selection of some of my drawings.


I will put here my logo creations, someday...


My page on POV-Ray, the freeware and open source 3D image raytracer. I put there some rendering and scripts.


I started (07/2004) to learn SVG, the language to describe Scalable Vector Graphics.
So I do some pages about this exciting language, with my drawings and some tips and tricks.

Files to Download

LuaBinaries-4.0.3.zip285.11KBWindows binaries of Lua 4.0
LuaExe-4.0.2.zip100.00KBWindows exes & manual of Lua 4.0
LuaProjects-4.0.2.zip15.50KBVC++6 projects for Lua 4.0
LuaBinaries-5.0.3.zip437.99KBWindows binaries of Lua 5.0
LuaExe-5.0.2.zip127.36KBWindows exes & manual of Lua 5.0
LuaProjects-5.0.2.zip17.51KBVC++6 projects for Lua 5.0
MPCalc-1.1.1.zip9.74KBA command line calculator
ProgLauncher-1.1.zip26.50KBRedirect the launching of a program
StartScript-1.0.zip17.18KBShbang for Windows,2 KoMy preferences for SciTE.
SciTE-PL-20051122.zip455 KoMy version of SciTE (binary) with some extensions
CurrentSciChanges.zipvariableModified files of Scintilla & SciTE to be integrated in the current version
Copyright © 1999-2014 Philippe Lhoste
Created: 2002?
Updated: 2013/12/18 (Processing, Dart)
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