PhiLho's Page on Dart

Dart is a programming language created by Google in 2011 to create easily and in a structured way Web applications to be run in browsers, after "compilation" to JavaScript.
It can be run also in a VM, on the server side, as a command-line application, etc.

This page is to be expanded later. Currently, this page is mostly to point on the slides on Dart for Java programmers .

The source code for these slides is located on GitHub.

It uses the reveal.js JavaScript slide show script. Which itself uses a slightly tweaked version of highlight.js to do syntax highlighting of code.

So I made a highlight.js plugin for the Dart language. (See the dart.js file there.)

It is included in my hand-written highlight.js script: the highlight-PLS.js file where I pasted the reveal.js tweak, the original source code of highlight.js, the source code of the Java plugin (just in case) and my Dart plugin. This allowed me to include my plugin without running an assembly script, and to remove all highlighters I didn't need, improving performance...

I used my tweaked version of the GitHub style from Vasily Polovnyov. The -PL version is the standard highlight.js one, the -PLS one is the version adapted for reveal.js.