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I found this script on its version 2.0 on the CD-Rom of Code(r), but was disappointed to see it was PHP3, and I was unable to run it with my EasyPHP (or it needs some setting tweakings I don't know and I don't want to do anyway).
So I thought it could be a good introduction to the language to convert it to PHP4. While I was here, I converted HTML to XHTML, cleaned a bit the source, finished some stuff (like displaying the score), added a cheat mode (for test purposes!) and translated messages to support both French and English.
That's the 2.1 version. I plan to continue to improve this script in further versions.


You can download version 2.1 or test the program...

Go to main page. Go to the page on PHP. Voyez la version française de cette page.

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Created: 2004/05/17
Updated: 2004/09/16 (separated PHPMine from main PHP page)