PhiLho's Page on the Processing Library P8gGraphicsSVG

What is this library?

P8gGraphicsSVG is to SVG what PGraphicsPDF is to PDF: a vector renderer for Processing sketches, allowing to save the drawings of a sketch to a SVG file, via the Apache Batik library (included).

This renderer extends the PGraphicsJava2D renderer, so (almost) any sketch using this (default) renderer can render to SVG, with some limitations.

It doesn't handle animations, rendering only a static image.
Unlike PGraphicsPDF, it doesn't handle multiple pages in the same file. But it can be used to save a sequence of SVG files.
And the Pausing While Recording (pause-resume) sketch of the PDF library cannot be done with P8gGraphicsSVG because of a different way of handling recording events.

The documentation (beside this README) is currently lacking, but the provided examples should guide you how to use the library. And you can take a look at the source's JavaDoc (the parts between /** and */ marks) for a bit more information.

For more details, see the README.txt file in the zip file.

More information

P8gGraphicsSVG 2.0 - 2012-11-14

Download the current version (around 1 MiB).

Identity card of the library by Processing rules.

Source code in Lauchpad (Bazaar DVCS).

Home page of the library (here!).

Copyright notice: For details, see the following file: PhiLhoSoftLicence
This program is distributed under the zlib/libpng license.
Copyright (c) 2012 Philippe Lhoste / PhiLhoSoft

Discover W3C's Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

This version of P8gGraphicsSVG uses Apache Batik 1.8pre compiled by myself.

It is to be used with Processing 1.5+